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Cricket And Christianity

READ: Romans 3:21-28

The righteousness of God . . . is revealed . . . through
faith in Jesus Christ. —Romans 3:21-22

While visiting Jamaica on a missions trip with high school
students, I discovered how much the people there love the game of cricket.

So I asked a Jamaican teenager to explain it to me. We sat
on the ground, and he used rocks and sand drawings to help me understand it.
Later, as our group was enjoying delicious jerk chicken, some of us watched a
televised cricket match while a coach pointed out what was happening. Yet,
after 11 days with Jamaicans, I still didn’t understand their favorite game.

I’m sure some Jamaicans feel that way about American
football. And millions of people worldwide consider baseball a mystery. One
reason we may not like one another’s sports is that we don’t understand them.

Could that be true of the way you view Christianity? Could
it be that you dislike it because it seems too complicated? Maybe it seems to
you to be about rules and a big thick book with words you don’t understand.

Actually, Christianity is simple: We can be made right with
a holy God through faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection. Our sins can be
forgiven forever (see Romans 3:24,28; 10:9-10). Check it out. You’ll discover
why believers love Jesus, and you’ll learn to love Him too. —Dave Branon

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