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The Trials of Michael Jackson – New Book

New Book

Michael was due to get back the masters to his own catalog later this year, which would increase his income in a big way.  So much so, that between that and the other major pay increase, also coming later this year, from the first remastered digital release of the Beatles catalog along with a new Rock Band video game as well, many financial experts expected Michael to earn enough to buy back the 50% of ATV that he sold to Sony years ago and reap 100% of the benefits of the reintroduction of the Beatles.  Simultaneously with owning 100% of his own music, in addition to a new tour and new music…
let’s just say, a lot of people had a lot to lose.

Before his sudden death, Michael Jackson was on the verge of kissing Sony Music and Sony/ATV goodbye, taking their two crown jewels with him.  Instead, they’re making even more money off of him from the huge sales increase of his music since he passed away, plus the documentary from rehearsal footage for the tour he was working on.  Hmmm…

‘The Trials of Michael Jackson’ reveals the sensational events which led to the

downfall of a megastar at the hands of the mighty Sony company and an obsessive

but compliant prosecutor. Using previously unpublished material, personal

interviews and evidence gathered during research on three continents, Lynton

Guest uncovers the truth about the bitter feud between one of the biggest

corporations in the world and pop music’s greatest legend.

For the first

time, the reasons behind Martin Bashir’s infamous documentary and the strange

decisions taken by the Santa Barbara prosecutor, are laid bare. The incredible

machinations of the men from Japan and their American allies were designed to

ensure nothing less than the destruction of Michael Jackson and billions of

dollars of profit for Sony.

This book takes us on a roller-coaster ride,

from the ashes of a defeated Japan in 1945 to the twenty-first century celebrity

culture which now spans the globe. It provides the most authoritative look yet

at the music business and its extreme excesses over the last forty years. But

more than anything else ‘The Trials of Michael Jackson’ shows how the man who

gave us ‘Thriller’, the biggest selling record of all time, was hunted down and

all but destroyed by forces beyond even his control.

As Jackson attempts to put

his life back together in Bahrain, those who seek to benefit from his demise

have not gone away. They remain in the shadows, watching and waiting.

It’s time

they were held up to the light.

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