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Mixing-Bowl Musings

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READ: Luke 18:18-27

The things which are impossible with men are
possible with God. —Luke 18:27

Countless times I’ve heard myself say, “I’m
going to bake a cake.” Then one day I realized that I’ve never baked a cake in
my life—only my oven can do that. I simply mix the right ingredients and allow
the oven to do its part. Through that division of labor, I have the joy of
seeing others taste and enjoy delicious cake.

God used my mixing-bowl musings to clarify
a dilemma I once had after starting a neighborhood Bible study. It was one
thing to bring my neighbors together to study the Bible, but seeing them
believe and follow Christ was another. I felt powerless. Suddenly I saw the
obvious. Like baking cakes, making Christians was impossible for me, but not
for God. I had blended the right ingredients—an open home, friendship, love.
Now I had to trust the Holy Spirit, through His Word, to do His work. When I
cooperated with that division of labor, I had the joy of seeing others taste of
God’s goodness.

In Luke 18:18-27, Jesus so vividly
described some hindrances to saving faith that His listeners began to wonder if
anyone could be saved. Do you feel that way about someone? Be encouraged by the
Lord’s strong reminder that there are some things that only God can do. Saving
people is one of them. —Joanie

The Lord’s the only one who can
Transform a person’s heart;
But when we share God’s saving truth,
We play a crucial part.  —Sper

We sow the seed, but God brings the

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