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Update: Neverland Tigers

OCT ’06

^ Thriller the Tiger ^

>> Adopt  Sabu the Tiger <<

Excerpts from Tippi Hedren interview:

Speaking of Shambala, how are Sabu and Thriller, the Bengal
tigers that came from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch?

Hedren: Just beautifully. The lake has been filled up in
their new compound. We had to drain the lake so that we could add them to this
compound. Tigers love water, you know. To play in and sit in.

Can you see the tigers outside your window?

Hedren: No but I visit the animals every day and I’m
surrounded by them. I have a mountain lion off my kitchen and either a lion or
a tiger off my guest bedroom, and I look out my living room and bedroom windows
and can see the liger or several lions in a pride.

So do you have a "Beware of Cats" sign posted at
the entrance to your place?

Hedren: I do! Yes, I do!

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