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Words Carry a Spirit

Words Can Carry More Than Meaning—They
Carry a Spirit

from Called to Conquer by Bishop Eddie Long

Reading: Matthew 12:33–37; Proverbs 16:24, 18:4–8; Isaiah 11:1–3
Key Verse: Matthew 12:35

A good man out of the good treasure of his heart
brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth
evil things.

do not just carry a meaning. They carry a spirit. Jesus said our words come out
of the treasure we have hidden in our hearts. Isaiah prophesied of Jesus that
He would have “the Spirit of counsel and might” (Isa. 11:2 nkjv, emphasis

Do you remember waking up on a Monday morning in a great mood? You were happy,
singing, and feeling good! Then you arrived at the office, plant, or grocery
store and the first person you saw was the very person you did not want to see!
Then he opened his mouth and said something that seemed to carry a dark spirit;
it weighed you down and robbed you of your joy.

When sin or unclean spiritual influences contaminate a person, God has to go
into the computer of his mind and soul to remove the sin virus. The person has
unresolved sin issues in his heart, even though he may not talk about it.
According to Jesus, whatever he speaks proceeds directly from the “evil
treasure” in his heart. That means that what he says involves more than just
words; those words also carry a spirit with them.

This is yet another reason you must watch who you associate with. Pray this
prayer with me:

Father, Your Word commands me to be holy, even as You are holy. That means that
I cannot afford to take the advice of or associate with people who have no
respect for Your holiness. Lead me to godly people who have the Spirit of
counsel and might—saints who will give me words of wisdom and faith in crucial moments.
I trust You totally, for You direct my steps and guide my way for Your glory.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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