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New PR Strategy?

found this article after I wrote my thoughts/commentary that follows it. I had to do a little of my own editing  to get rid of the
unecessary negativity – comments of a critic and a few cleverly placed, not so nice, descriptive words, but it makes the point of my "New PR Strategy" theory.

No Grave Dug for Jackson at World Music

Written by: Giselle Melanson

It was hyped as "the freak show to end all freak shows" in the weeks
leading up to Wednesday’s World Music Awards in London.

Not only would it be Michael Jackson’s first awards show performance in nearly
a decade, it was also expected to be a re-enactment of his blockbuster 80s video,

Despite the fact that Jackson did not confirm any plans to perform the song
from his seminal album of the same name, reports still ran rampant that The
Gloved One would perform the graveyard groove that catapulted him to the top of
pop culture.

I guess the joke was on us.

First, Jackson informed the press just before the show that there had been a
misunderstanding; he would not be performing. Before the ink was dry on those
headlines, Jackson either changed his mind or punk’d us all by singing
a brief rendition of "We Are the World" at the end of the awards,
flanked by his signature chorus of swaying kids.

For those who wanted so badly to see a worst-case scenario, absolute
train-wreck performance, Vincent Price’s beyond-the-grave laughter is probably
ringing in their ears right about now.

Since Jackson’s arrival in London on Sunday, his presence has attracted the
usual crowd that follows him wherever he goes – paparazzi, fans, and even Superman
and Jesus look-a-likes, to complete the media
circus. But judging from the way people ran with this latest rumor, it looks
like Jackson isn’t the one jumping through hoops.


Food for thought:

1) Could it be that Michael has decided not
to defend himself against the press at all anymore and just let the chips fall
where they may?

Lord knows, nothing else has worked.
Besides that, he ain’t got nothin to prove. The official records speak for
themselves. It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths that the media will go to,
to try and sabotage and distract from Michaels’ success. The whole purpose for
him being there in the first place was to be acknowledged for the HIStory he’s
already made. But to let "them" tell it, anything that’s negative in
his vicinity has to be his fault…lets blame Mickey, he did it! He does every
darn thing, wrong. WRONG!
If he hadn’t done what he agreed to do, the first thing the headlines would have said is: WMA plans to sue Michael Jackson for breach of contract.

He knows and God knows who he is and
exactly what he has and has not done, what he planned to do, what he did not,
and who was really at fault in the WMA situation.

As much as I’m sure he hates that some
people (including so-called “fans”) still believe tabloid reports, he cannot
control that. No matter what he or his spokesperson says or does, it doesn’t
make much difference. He’s criticized if he does and criticized if he doesn’t.

2) By now, his true fans know the truth
because we seek it, so what does it really matter what the rest of the world

Because each response just feeds the beast
and ultimately keeps giving them new material to write about, if nothing else
but responding to his response, and that helps them to keep making money off of
him. It’s time for a new strategy. Notice how fast the negative press died when
he didn’t respond and sure enough the truth started coming to the light from
people who were there, even in some media reports, and it didn’t take long. God
is good!

I think that by not responding, the
negative media reporters are being shown for the liars that they are. Notice
how firmly he responded to the question about performing while on the red
carpet? Why was the question posed in the first place? I think Michael knew
exactly what was going on, that the organizers were trying to bully him into
doing something he did not want to do at this time and he didn’t back down, not
even to please the fans. For those who think he needs to stand up, I say, he’s
doing exactly that, just not in a typical manner. The battle with the media is
not his. He knows that and who the real enemy is.

It’s going to be very interesting to see
how his “performance” is gonna be edited. From the clips I’ve seen, there is no
way he could have sung over the voices on the track because it was playing too

3) Then, when the music and/or mic was turned
off, what in the hell was he supposed to do?

He made the very best he could of a very
bad situation and that’s all anyone can expect.

There is no reason for him to respond or be
embarrassed, etc., and hopefully, once and for all, people will stop buying
into and relying on media hype, even from organizer and/or venue PR.

I think when Michael gets ready to PERFORM
live again; we’ll either get confirmation from the man himself via a new
website or press conference, or be taken completely by surprise somehow.

We lose the approval of God when we seek
the applause of men.

He had a good opportunity to promote
himself and a new song. Instead, he chose to sing an old one about love, peace
and unity. I believe that he did exactly what God wanted him to do.

Just my thoughts…I had to
vent some of what had my stomach in knots!

Here’s some more from folks who were there, lettin’ the truth be told and/or
tellin’ their version of it,
none of which is anything Michael should’ve been blamed for:

World Music Awards founder Melissa Corken has spoken out in
defence of Jackson’s ‘performance’ at the bash last Wednesday night.

Talking to MTV UK News,
she said, "Let’s get this straight, Michael was coming to collect an
award, not perform. He doesn’t have a record ready.

"The press picked up
on a rumour that he was going to sing ‘Thriller’. He was NEVER going to
perform ‘Thriller’. It was always going to be Chris Brown performing as
a tribute".

She continued,
"Michael was a little overwhelmed by (the press stories).

He said I can’t do
‘Thriller’ because I haven’t done it for ten years.

"He wasn’t quite ready
to perform but he wanted to do something more than just accept his award so he
decided to sing some of ‘We Are The World’. He was courageous enough to
do that."

Melissa told us the overall
vibe of the show was overwhelmingly positive.

"He’s played two times
at the WMAs already but this time was even more explosive – I’ve never felt
energy like that before. It was just wonderful. Over 10,000 people from all
across the world came to see him.

"I love Michael,
everyone assumes he’s a diva but he’s not – he demands nothing. He’s just a
really nice simple man. I went to see him and his beautiful children chilling
in their hotel room."

And despite all the stick
he also got for his appearance, Melissa told us that up close Michael looks
fine. "He has beautiful skin and nice hair. He was looking good."


Organisers of the annual World Music Awards
were also criticised for a chaotic evening.

Besides sound problems during Jackson’s
performance, around half the winners of main awards did not show up to receive
them, hostess Lindsay Lohan made only a few fleeting remarks and there were
long waits between each performance. The organisers were not immediately
available for comment.

Sound ‘cut’

The organisers of the World Music Awards
said that they had "not been contacted by any of the fans or had one
complaint" regarding the event. They added that Jackson’s performance
had been cut short because the ceremony over-ran, breaking a noise curfew at
the venue

"I was standing watching Jackson
perform… and suddenly he stopped," said Julius Just, head of Public
Relations for the awards. "They cut the sound on one of the greatest
living artists in the world. "It’s the first time anything like this has
happened in 18 years of the World Music Awards."

But officials at Earl’s Court denied that
the sound had been cut.

"We accommodated the show and the
show’s organisers by obtaining an extension to our licence in order to allow
the show to run to eleven o’clock," said spokesman Jeremy Probert.

"And as far as we’re concerned, that’s
what the show did. As a matter of fact, I think it finished about a
minute-and-a-half early," he added.

Happy fans

However, not everyone at the award ceremony
was left disappointed by Jackson’s performance.

We were a bit confused because we never got
to the actual song -Paolo Mariani, Choir member

"I thought it was fantastic,"
said Joseph Dougal, from East Kilbride, in an email to the BBC.

"None of the fans expected him to
give a performance, so it was a true surprise."

Adam Saunders, 26, bought tickets for his
fiancée, Caroline, who had waited all her life to see Michael Jackson. "It
was worth it just to see her happiness at seeing him on stage," he said.
"She just kind of went numb. There were tears in her eyes."

Paolo Mariani, who was part of the
50-strong choir that sang with Jackson, called the performance the "best
experience of my life". The 17-year-old, who has never sung professionally
before, was hand-picked for the chorus last week, shortly after the pop star
confirmed his appearance.

"It was so rushed that we didn’t
even have time to rehearse with Michael Jackson,"
he said.

"We got there at one o’clock on the
day of the show and basically rehearsed in a room with a choreographer for a
couple of hours.

"We were rehearsing to sing the
whole song – so we were a bit confused because we never got to the actual song.
The music was just cut off

"I can see that fans might have felt
let down, but for us it was amazing."

Monica 11/18/2006

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