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Neverland is NOT for sale!!!

 *Update 4/12/07 *

04/12/2007 – Bill Huff in negotiations to buy Neverland for
$20 million (New York Post)

Jackson’s representative Raymone Bain has dismissed reports stating that
Neverland isn’t even on the market. 
She says, "This is not true."

For historical and
hysterical purposes here’s a timeline of past Neverland

09/10/1997 – Jackson puts Neverland up for sale for an asking
price of $26-31.6 million (Playboy Magazine / The Mirror)
04/09/2003 – Jackson puts Neverland up for sale on the market for $22.5
million including rides and zoo (ITN)
05/22/2003 – Jackson negotiates selling Neverland and moving to Florida
(Roger Friedman)
02/13/2004 – Eminem in negotiations to buy Neverland for $51.4 million
(US Weekly)
03/10/2004 – Jackson to put Neverland up for sale for an undisclosed
amount (Assorted tabloids and columnns)
05/11/2005 – Neverland sold to private buyer for $35 million, Jackson
has 90 days to move out (National Enquirer)
05/18/2005 – Neverland sold for $38.5 million to secret buyer (News of
the World)
05/24/2005 – Neverland secretly sold for $35 million (Roger Friedman)
06/19/2005 – Neverland in negotiations to be put on the market for $90
million (The Ottawa Citizen)
09/19/2005 – Neverland sale falls through, Neverland still not for sale
(National Enquirer)
10/27/2005 – Jackson puts Neverland up for sale for an unknown asking
price (Roger Friedman)
03/15/2006 – Simon Yates in negotiations [with Uri Geller] to buy
Neverland for $100 million (Lancashire Evening Post)
03/27/2006 – Tom Cruise and/or a church to buy Neverland for Scientology
retreat (National Enquirer)
11/20/2006 – Tom Sneddon says at his retirement party (jokingly?) that
he’s going to buy Neverland at a tax lien sale (Attendee rumor)
12/01/2006 – Jackson in negotiations to sell ranch for $50 million to
VH1’s "Really Rich Real Estate" (VH1)
12/19/2006 – Jackson to sell ranch for $50 million to Bravo network’s
"Million dollar Listing: Hollywood" (National Enquirer)
01/17/2007 – David Beckham and wife in negotiations to buy Neverland for
$19.8 million (The Sun)     Thanx to TSCM @ MJJF


December 20, 2007




Washington, D.C. — Raymone K. Bain, General Manager, releases the

following statement:

“Reports that Mr. Michael Jackson is seeking to sell his Neverland Valley

Ranch in California on the Bravo television network’s reality show,

‘Million Dollar Listing,’ are totally untrue and ludicrous and yet another

malicious attempt to damage Mr. Jackson’s character and misrepresent

his financial affairs.

“Mr. Jackson is NOT selling Neverland Valley Ranch. We have said this time

and time again, but rather than believe the source, there are those who

rely on unsubstantiated reports from unnamed sources.

“We have not been in discussions with the Bravo Network regarding the

series ‘Million Dollar Listing,’ nor do we plan to do so.”



Raymone Bain

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