Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop (video) on working with Michael

They plan to resume working together after the holidays


AH: Our show was with you guys in Europe, with Michael.

Will: Yeah, in Ireland.

AH: How’d it go?


It went great, you know we’re gonna get back up with each other before

Christmas and in 2007 we’ll be working in January, February and finish

what we started. I’m excited.

AH: How into it was Michael with the whole project?


Um. I don’t know because I think I was more excited than he was. I

think my excitement blinded me. But you know, he must be real excited

because he called me today, you know. We talked today and last week

AH: You talked about the music and the project?

Will: Yeah, just about what we’ll do when we get back together, you know.

AH: Tell me about the sound. We got a little taste of it while we were over there but you guys were still a long way.


I think we should, what I would like for the sound to continue to go

towards is just mature and lush melodies as opposed to having him

competing in what today’s…in today’s minimalism. You know, music with

like a [imitates sound] whatever that is, I think we need to smack them

upside their heads with just a real lush production and beautiful

melodies and push the boundaries of what music is. I think he can do


AH: Did he sing at all while you were over there?


Still. It’s amazing, you know, he sounds better than he did – you know

I don’t know what he sounded like before he recorded ‘Billie Jean’ and

‘Off the Wall’ and all these songs, but, his voice in person sounds

even better than how does recorded then.

AH: People are gonna be pretty Thrilled by this.


Yeah. I can’t wait to finish it, it’s gonna be great. And for me it’s

cool you know with the nominations from the Grammies, producer of the

year, and at the same time working with Michael Jackson. You couldn’t

ask for a better setup. Things should be great.

AH: Alright thank you, thanks for your time.

Will: I appreciate it.

My thoughts:

I do think that we’ll hear a

lot of growth coming through, particularly in the lyrics, because no doubt, he

has grown and mellowed a lot, both mentally and spiritually, after all he’s

been through.  So, the MATURE melodies

that Will mentioned make perfect sense.

A mixture of ballads and upbeat

dance with a lot of positive energy and even gospel flava in the lyrics is what

I believe we’ll hear from Michael in the future, similar to the vibe he gave us

before Hell began breakin’ lose in his life; when the tone of some of his

lyrics began to change.  That’s where

his heart has always been and  I suspect

his focus is again on love, peace and joy, now, more than ever before.   A little of the Jazzy genre would be nice too!

Just as he has put a lot of

distance between himself and the sources of so much of his anger, pain and

sadness, likewise, I think that’s what will come through in his music.

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