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Love is the greatest gift at Christmastime

Friday, December 22nd 2006

Dear Editor,

You know if we really
listen to the words of Christmas carols, we’d love them for more than their
melodies and beats. There are a few Christmas carols which stand out above the
others. Well, I love the traditional carols, and they will always be a first
choice for me to play. However, there is one contemporary Christmas carol which
makes my inside melt whenever it is played, and that is Give Love on Christmas
Day, by the Jackson Five brothers

The words of this song are
so touching. And Michael Jackson gives his best performance in the solo. The
song stresses the need for love in the world. And that love is the greatest
gift one could give another at Christmastime. How true it is that our world is
longing for love. With countries at war with each other, and other divisions
which separate human beings from each other, love is the best antidote.

And what better time of the
year is there to give love but at Christmastime.

The real reason for the
season is love itself: Christ coming into the world because of the love of God
for humankind. And here it is that I find this Christmas carol most suitable
for this day and age and time of our history.

So bring someone love this
Christmastime, because no greater gift is there but love.


Leon Jameson Suseran

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