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Let the TRUTH be told!

In my thoughts tonight…

So many times, I’ve heard
his stories of betrayal and slander in the sermons of preachers, in the history
of other great minds, in the stories of the Bible, and most recently in the
Gospel of Judas that I watched (documentary) on National Geographics. There really ain’t nothin’ new under the

I often wonder if Michael
sees the same things I hear in the spirit and perhaps that’s how he’s able to
keep the faith and maintain his sanity in all of the madness and conspiracy
that surrounds him. I wonder if he
knows how many people that’s he has never and may never meet, have prayed and
are still compelled to pray for him. I
wonder if he realizes how deeply he has touched so many of our lives, not just
with his music, but also with his loving kindness, his depth, his sweet spirit,
strength, and his faith and wisdom, that to the spiritually blind/dead is

Now, forced yet again, into
a fight for his life in court, this time his ‘livelihood’ and Thank God from
the claimant side of the courtroom, I am continually amazed by, so proud of
him, and admire his unyielding perseverance.
Bless his heart. No worries, God
will be right there.

the TRUTH be told!

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