Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

interestin’ facts

They gathered around the piano
and sang a song that had "thank you" in it. It started out
"Thank you for this thank you for that," and it ended with them all
harmonizing on and “we all thank you" Byrd told me he didn’t know if it
was a song they knew or if they had put it together right that morning, but it
was the prettiest song he had ever heard in his life. That’s the kind of kids
the Jackson’s were. Here they’d had all their money spent up and they were just
grateful for what they did get. They were always well mannered–it was always
"yessir" this and “no, ma’am" that. You could tell they’d had a
good upbringing and had a lot of discipline instilled in them. They’re like that right today.

— "James Brown, The
Godfather of Soul" Published in 1986

[Michael Jackson] will not
swiftly be forgiven for having turned so many tables, for he damn sure grabbed
the brass ring, and the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo has nothing on

–James Baldwin

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