Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

The Messages Behind the Music

songs are more than mere music, but rather are messages of truth and love and
have been for years.

But are we really listening?  Do we hear the meaning of
what’s being said?

His devoted fans obviously do.  One thing is for sure,
there’s something

extraordinary about this man and his message that goes beyond

many talents.  For me, prophetic comes to mind…

one gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight;

especially, an inspired poet, who serves as the contemporary
voice of God

his generation.

Bob Geldof said of
Michael Jackson’s voice, "when (he) sings it is with the voice of

Michael Jackson, described by his vocal coach, Seth Riggs, as a
tenor, was declared the 11th best vocalist in contempary music,
according to
MTV’s 22
Greatest Voices in Music
. He has recieved
many awards for his vocal performance through-out his career.

Technically, Michael Jackson has one of the finest voices in
contempary music. His first advantage is the natural speed of his voice.
Michael Jackson has the ability to sing in
staccato, and sing
complex rhythms in perfect timing. The best recorded example of this is the
title track from his
Off The Wall.

Jackson’s second advantage as a singer is his range. Michael
Jackson’s natural vocal range, before he breaks off into
falsetto, goes from two E’s below middle C, to two B’s above middle
C, or 44 notes. Essentially, Michael is able to reach octaves that other tenors
cannot attain with their natural voice. The best example of Michael Jackson’s
range is a recording from
Jackson: The Ultimate Collection
(2004), titled "Beautiful Girl".

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