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The stars of High
School Musical
, the über-successful Disney Channel movie, took their show
on the road and toured across the U.S, finishing up in L.A. at the Staples
Center last Monday night. And it seems the cast had a very special surprise
visitor during their Vegas stint Sunday.

The King of Pop, Michael
, requested to meet the High
brood personally, and even brought his three children along.

Not only did he do a meet
‘n’ greet with the stunned cast, he stayed for the show. Evidently, they turned
the light box at the Thomas & Mack Center into VIP seating with a
canopy to protect the Jackson crew from any curious looky-loo audience members.

One said, “He was taller
than expected, really soft-spoken and wore sunglasses the whole time,” and he
told them he and the kids loved the show.


Interview with Chris Tucker

Q: So do you ever
give a little random performance upon a fan’s request?

 A: Tucker: “Oh man, that’s
funny because actually just a couple of weeks ago, I did my whole Michael
Jackson dance at this little spot in Atlanta. I was out with a couple friends
at this real low-key pizza place and bar. Some people in there started
recognizing me and taking pictures and stuff.

There was a DJ there,
playing some crazy techno or something. So then when one fan said how she loved
that Michael Jackson thing I do, I had a good idea, haha. I went up to
the DJ and requested his song. Then he started playing it and I just got up and
performed that whole scene. Full-out and everything. It was hilarious! I was
cracking up, so were my friends. And everyone in there was like ‘oh my gosh!
That’s really him!’ It was really funny.

But that’s just me, man. I
enjoy every minute of my life. There is no reason to get annoyed of people if
you are a famous face or anything. You should appreciate every moment of that.
I just have fun, no matter what I’m doing. So when I’m out in a place like
that, if I feel like getting up and dancing, you better know I will! Haha,
yeah, that was a lot of fun at that place.”

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