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‘American Idol’ Beatles-themed week?

Beatles-themed performance possible this season
on ‘American Idol’


For the first time, "Idol" has permission to use parts of the famed
songbook of The Beatles, executive producer Ken Warwick says. "We’ve got
the permission” from Sony / ATV (Michael Jackson), which owns the publishing
rights, Warwick says. Certain songs still are off limits, but "they said,
‘Tell us what songs you want and we will do our best.’ ”

A couple of Beatles songs have been performed on "Idol,” he says, but the
show has never had access to enough for a themed week.

There are "enough songs certainly to get a decent show out of it, and
maybe it will be the first show of the top 12” finalists, says Warwick.

Won’t it be somethin’ if The Beatles catalog is
released for the first time online right before Michael releases his new
album? There won’t be anybody else on the charts!

WOOoo, he’s gonna be makin’ bank left AND right!!! 2007 is
YO year Baby! Who’s BAD?!?

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