Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

Michael Jackson may not be appearing on Idol, BUT…

he and the Idol bigwig were
NOT just breakin’ bread. While everybody is in speculation mode,

what if…

during an “American Idol” Beatles and Michael Jackson COME TOGETHER Theme week,
they announced the release of the Beatles music online & Michael’s new
album…at the same time???
Michael-mania and Beatle-mania go head up! How’s that for a promo?

Yeah, yeah, I know somebody is bound to say that Michael would be using the
Beatles to promote himself, but it actually creates a competition (sales)
between the two most widely known and successful musical entities in the world,
to prove once and for all Who’s BAD…

only Michael wins either way!!!

Since he does own half the Beatles catalog, it’d almost be like him competing
with his own work…and between the two, there probably wouldn’t be any room
left for anybody else on the charts!

That’d be one way to put a jolt back into the music industry, from the Old
Skoolers to the New Schoolas, and everybody around and in between…

and there ain’t a darn
thang Paul could do about it except give more publicity to it!

Just a thought…

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