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mirror of my thoughts

People say that the eyes
are the windows to the soul…

Though I once tried to hide
it, it’s become clear to see that I have a complex soul. When I’m trying to
figure something out, it can get messy – things get cluttered and look out of
control. But I know somewhere in the mess is the answer and I just have to wade
through it knowing I’ll find it when God is good and ready. 

And whose soul isn’t
complex?? People say they want "a simple faith," but is faith really
ever simple?? 

Few things seem simple in
life sometimes anymore, but God is helping me sort through the mess and to
learn to love my complexities. I like the growth and the strengthening of my
faith over these last few years. I’m changing somewhere deep inside, and slowly
getting comfortable with the woman I’m becoming…

Within all the mess and
pain of the pulling and testing and stretching – I know there is joy…there’s
hope. There’s also a trust that I didn’t know I had – I know it has to be a
gift from God.  I’ve had to learn to
trust Him in new and deep ways. 

It not always easy always
to trust when it seems He has disappeared and left me hangin’…

excerpts from:
LeAnne’s God

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