Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

Jack Wishna, a Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Fan for Michael Jackson?

with Jack Wishna,
the number one Las Vegas dealmaker.

Q: It’s been widely
reported that Michael Jackson is back in the USA. How did You learn about it?
A: I worked with MJ to bring him back to the USA.

Q: Did You meet with him since he is residing in Las Vegas?
A: Yes.

Q: According to some sources You play an important role in Mr. Jackson’s Las
Vegas plans. How would You describe Your position?
A: Dealmaker and fan of MJ’s talent.

Q: We had an interview with You back in 2005, when You explained that You were
the one who created the concept of a Las Vegas Jackson show. Were there any
updates in this case?
A: I wouldn’t create the show. I would create the deal.

Q: Is Donald Trump involved in the proceedings?
A: Confidential. Can’t talk about specific deals or participants.

Q: What are Your thoughts about a possible Michael Jackson show in Las Vegas?
Could it be a huge success?
A: Michael Jackson show in Las Vegas would be the hottest ticket on the planet.
MJ has a huge international fan base that would welcome his return to
performances and would travel great distances knowing he has a new show staged.
America loves a comeback and this would be the biggest comeback in
entertainment history.

Q: In Your opinion what would be the best thing to do for Mr. Jackson? I mean
both musically and financially.
A: MJ is a superstar. When MJ is ready to ‘comeback’ he will be the one to make
that decision. No one else can make that decision for him.

Q: The fans and music lovers are incredibly curious about Mr. Jackson’s Las
Vegas plans. Is there anything that You can share with us?
A: Confidential. But the fans will know if there is anything to disclose,
before the press or the general public.


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