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MJ in Japan: The REAL Scoop

Stella’s Column

March 13, 2007
BY STELLA FOSTER Sun-Times Columnist

THE SCOOP: My brilliant sister Jamie Foster Brown, publisher of Sister2Sister magazine, was the sole press person traveling in Tokyo with pop star Michael Jackson and his entourage — which included his mother, Katherine Jackson, and his three children, Paris, Prince and Blanket.

Jamie, who like me hails from Englewood on the South Side, called this reporter from Japan and had this to say:

"It has been amazing to see how people will risk life and limb
darting in and out of traffic on foot to get a glimpse of Michael or to
touch him. The fans in Japan literally inhale him," Jamie said. "He is
very accommodating … very happy, kissing and hugging folks and
letting them hold him and hug him."

"The $3,500 per person
‘Fan Appreciation’ event brought out close to 400 folks, most of whom
were corporate people with their children, and Michael took pictures
with all of them," said Jamie. "The drinks were free and the buffet
dinner consisted of shrimp, chicken, beef, fish, veggies and a 12-foot
long table full of Japanese desserts.

"Complimentary tickets were provided to orphans, handicapped and physically challenged people. Michael went into the balcony to greet them all.

"The following day,
there was another fan appreciation event that was $150 per person that
brought out around 1,000. Fans are even spending $500 or more a night
just to be in the Four Seasons Hotel where he is staying," Jamie said.

On a fashion note, "Michael has been wearing Roberto Cavalli tailored suits," she said.

I asked about his kids and, according to Jamie, Michael is a
very attentive dad and she is finding the kids to be very

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