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CBS Sets Jackson Family Talent Show

Associated Press 04.11.07, 7:00 PM ET

Another TV talent contest
is on the horizon, this one featuring members of the Jackson family.

"Pop Dynasty" is
the working title for a contest aimed at finding a family of singers a la the
Jacksons, a CBS spokesman said Wednesday.

Jermaine, Tito and LaToya
Jackson – but not Michael or Janet, the most famous Jacksons – will serve as
judges. LaToya Jackson, who’s had a solo singing career, was featured on the
CBS reality show "Armed and Famous."

Jermaine Jackson is one of
the principal partners for "Pop Dynasty." Jamie Foxx
("Ray," "Dreamgirls") also is involved with the project,
CBS said.

Details of the show are
being worked out and the network hasn’t settled on an air date.

The success of
"American Idol" on Fox has generated a flurry of contest shows,
including "America’s Got Talent," "Dancing with the Stars"
and "Skating With Celebrities."

Starting in the 1960s,
Jermaine and Tito performed with brothers Jackie, Marlon and Michael as the
Jackson Five, producing hit songs including "ABC" and "I Want
You Back."

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