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Sneak-Peak – Michael in Sister2Sister

Michael Jackson and Jamie take Japan by storm
By Jamie Foster Brown

* Excerpts *

I had the experience of a lifetime when I was invited to hang out with Michael Jackson in Tokyo, Japan. I was the only journalist allowed to tag along with Michael, his mother Katherine Jackson and his three children Prince Michael (10) Paris (9) and 5-year-old Prince Michael II, whom everyone calls “Blanket.” I learned a lot about Michael and the hardcore fans who live to meet the King of Pop.

Today Michael surrounds himself with an African-American support staff, from security to his hair stylist, who keeps his ‘do looking the best I’ve ever seen it. Publicist Raymone Bain leads the team, and she’s very kind to Michael’s adoring fans. Of course, I don’t think Michael would have it any other way. I learned that Michael is extremely appreciative and gracious toward his fans. He will do almost anything for them. I saw him pray with a lady who had a problem, take countless photos and sign hundreds of autographs.

When it comes to his kids, Michael is a devoted father

I noticed how attentive Michael was to his kids. He bought toys for them at the gift shop and is raising them to be very polite, humble and, believe it or not, pretty ordinary. They are calm, relaxed kids who play jokes on their dad…

The entire trip was amazing and I’m grateful to Michael’s family and management for allowing me to share private time with them. There were no interviews allowed, just relaxation and quiet observation of this superstar. I’m surprised that Michael Jackson is as gracious as he is and can find happiness despite all the negativity that encircles him every day.

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