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Michael Jackson CONSPIRACY

* update * Wednesday, June 20
Here’s the beginning of a review that Aphrodite shared from a GOSSIP site the book was pitched to… word is slowly getting around…

"Looks like Michael Jackson was innocent after all. That’s the verdict in Michael Jackson: Conspiracy, a new book by crime reporter Aphrodite Jones. The author paints Jackson’s accusers as money grubbers looking to fleece him by way of a publicly funded criminal trial (rather than a lengthy and expensive civil suit).

Most of Jones’s venom is reserved for Janet Arvizo, whose son Gavin was particularly close with Jackson"…

Full review:

 * update * Wednesday, May 23

Aphrodite Jones: "Shame On Us"

One of the gazillion reporters assigned to the Michael Jackson trial has a tell-all book about how the media got the story wrong. On June 10, she’ll be in L.A. to be honored by the Brookins Community A.M.E. Church for her work — and, presumably, to hock some books.

Aphrodite Jones, wrote Michael Jackson Conspiracy, after two years of reviewing official transcripts and evidence provided by the court.

According to her publicist, Jones’ book rakes documentarian Martin Bashir over the coals, finds a link between Jackson and Anthony Pellicano and revisits the unstable nature of the accuser’s mom. Mostly, though, it rips the media a new one.

We can’t wait.

Is there no end to the range, depth, and number of conspiracies against this one man???


New Book – to be released in June 2007 

Excerpts from the Foreword by Thomas A. Mesereau, Jr.

"When I first observed journalist Aphrodite Jones at the Santa Maria, California, Courthouse in the Michael Jackson case, I turned the other direction.  I wanted nothing to do with Ms. Jones.  The first time my eyes met those of Ms. Jones, I threw her a deep, cold stare.  If looks could kill, she was buried.

I associated Aphrodite Jones with an international media juggernaut that was heavily invested in seeing Michael Jackson convicted and destroyed…."

… When Aphrodite Jones asked if she could interview me for this effort, I was skeptical. My law partner and co-counsel in the Jackson defense, Susan Yu, was adamant that I have no part of Ms. Jones’ literary efforts. Nevertheless, something told me that Ms. Jones was being truthful, courageous, and professional in her desire to set the record straight about the Michael Jackson defense…."

… To anyone who wants to learn what happened in the Michael Jackson courtroom, this is the book to read.  It explains in clear and moving detail why an innocent, kindhearted musical genius was acquitted by a conservative jury in Santa Maria, California. 

Justice was done, and I am very proud to have been Michael Jackson’s lead counsel."

–Thomas A. Mesereau, Jr.,
Los Angeles, California

Complete Foreword to ‘Michael Jackson Conspiracy‘  >>>  Mesereau & Yu, LLP.


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