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Al Sharpton Talks Hip-Hop, Music Decency March

This is a late posting…

but I was reminded of it as Sharpton & guests spoke on the subject again today via his talk radio show…


By Chris Richburg and Houston Williams
Date: 5/2/2007 1:56 pm

The Rev. Al Sharpton will be among a group of activists attending the National Action Network (NAN)’s march protesting sexism, racism, and homophobia in music and images perpetuated in the recording industry tomorrow (May 3).

"We need to deal with N-word and the misogyny of calling our women b***hes and hoes," Sharpton told "No other community is disparaged by these record companies, but us."

Sharpton pointed to an incident in which Michael Jackson offended members of the Jewish community when he sang "Jew me/sue me" and "Kick me/*#*# me" on his hit song "They Don’t Care About Us." 

"They took the CD’s [Jackson’s HIStory ] out of the stores.


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