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Speak Up!

If you’re like most people,
you think that when God does something important, He uses important people to
get it done—people like John Stott, Billy Graham, or Joni Eareckson Tada. The
rest of us just fill space until Jesus comes. But that’s not true.

Most often in Scripture, we
see that God uses ordinary folk to get things done. Just take a look at the
unlikely prophets of the Old Testament and the disciples of the New Testament.

The girl in 2 Kings 5 was
just an ordinary servant. Yet she bravely suggested that Naaman go to Israel
for healing. What sounds like a simple request was actually a bold suggestion.
For Naaman to go to Israel, it would mean turning his back on the local pagan
gods, inviting criticism from his countrymen for putting the military might of
his nation at risk.

This nameless servant could
have paid a steep price for making a suggestion like that, but she knew where
the true source of healing was. Because of her deep concern for Naaman’s
well-being, she courageously put herself at risk to direct him to that
source—the one and only living God.

Like this young servant
girl, let’s be willing to be used by God to guide family and friends to the
true source of hope and healing. —Joe

God can take a lowly
Shape it with His mighty hand,
Fill it with a matchless treasure,
Make it serve a purpose grand.  —Bosch

God is looking for ordinary
people to do extraordinary work.

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