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‘Rush Hour 3’

American in Paris: Chris Tucker in ‘Rush Hour 3’

by Chuck Wilson
August 8, 2007

Chris Tucker still believes in Michael Jackson. You can tell, because in the very
first scene of Rush Hour 3, the actor-comedian squeals melodically, grabs his
crotch, and throws his arms up to the heavens. All that’s missing is a giant
off-stage fan to make Tucker’s shirt billow out behind him, as Jackson’s did
when he was feeling "Dangerous." A tip of the hat to the King of Pop
is a staple of Tucker’s comedy and of the Rush Hour films themselves, dating
back to the original 1998 entry in the popular buddy-cop series, in which
Tucker’s LAPD detective, James Carter, instructed Inspector Lee—the Hong Kong
cop played by Jackie Chan—on the hierarchy of their new partnership: "I’m
Michael Jackson. You’re Tito."

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