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Fake Family

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These people draw near to
Me with their mouth, . . . but their heart is far from Me. —Matthew 15:8

A builder in California has
come up with an innovative idea to sell his houses. He thinks that a good way
to make a house more appealing is to have a family there when showing the
house. So he hires actors to play happy families in his company’s model homes.
Would-be buyers can ask them questions about the house. Each fake family cooks,
watches television, and plays games while house-hunters wander through.

That type of faking may not
do any harm, but think about the sham of the religious leaders in Jesus’ day
(Matt. 15:1-9). They pretended to love God and piously made up a long list of
rules that they and others were to obey. But this was only to make themselves
look good. They even considered their rules just as important as the Law that
came directly from the Lord (vv.5-6). Jesus called them “hypocrites” (v.7). He
said their words sounded as if they honored God, but their hearts told another
story—they were far from Him (v.8).

That kind of pretending
goes on in people today as well. We look like good Christians on the outside
because we go to church faithfully, follow some rules legalistically, and use
the right words. We say we love Jesus, but our hearts may be far from Him. God
wants us to be real. —Anne

God sees our ways and knows
our hearts,
From Him we cannot hide;
External righteousness can’t save,
For He knows what’s inside. —Sper

A false front belies a true

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