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Spiritual Healing

Mosquito Paradise

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I have found the Book of
the Law in the house of the Lord. —2 Chronicles 34:15

The builders of the Panama
Canal overcame many enormous challenges: the moving of tons of earth, the
redirecting of a river, and the cutting down of miles of jungle. But the tiny
mosquito threatened to shut down the whole project. The Isthmus of Panama was
an ideal breeding ground for this pest. As mosquitos infected canal workers
with yellow fever and malaria, the death toll began to soar.

Fortunately, a physician
who had studied these diseases arranged for an army of workers to spray the area
with a chemical to kill mosquitos. The number of illnesses dropped

In the Old Testament, we
read of Judah’s epidemic of idolatry and its accompanying moral sickness. When
the Word of God was rediscovered, King Josiah exclaimed, “Great is the wrath of
the Lord that is poured out on us, because our fathers have not kept the Word
of the Lord” (2 Chron. 34:21). Josiah understood the Scripture’s preventive
cure for moral sickness. He began to apply its spiritual truths, and soon a
revival swept the land that restored the nation’s spiritual health.

When we neglect the reading
of God’s Word, we invite spiritual illness. Let’s be sure to set aside time to
absorb its life-giving message. —Dennis

The Bible will transform
our lives
And turn us from our sin,
If we will study and obey
God’s principles within. —Sper

The Bible is God’s
prescription for the health of our soul.

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