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Jackson 5 New Year’s Eve Party???


A representative for JD
said the producer didn’t exclude the Jackson 5 from the party, but he wanted to
emphasize that the gala was primarily a theme celebration, not a promoted event
featuring the legendary group

" ‘Jermaine Dupri and
Friends’ is a Jackson 5 celebration
," he explained, "meaning music is
in the air and lots of J5 loving everywhere
. [But] if you’re coming to stargaze
and not party, don’t come."

Will Michael be there??? 

Will the rest of the group be there, and if so,
are they performing, or not?

knows, but from the update, one thing is clear, he / they may NOT be!
Um, why all the unanswered questions?  If it’s just a J5 themed
and they’re simply making an appearance, then just say that, I would love to
But for a reasonable price, NOT for $100 a ticket. 

It sounds a lot like overchargin’ & hype while promoting your club to me…

Thanx, but no thanks JD, I can party at home to J5 music for free!

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