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Uncommon Beauty

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The Lord takes pleasure in
His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation. —Psalm 149:4

For some folks, the word holiness
conjures up images of stuffy prudes—people who are “good” in the worst sense of
the word, with sullen and morose faces. They are full of self-righteousness and
rigid duty, “on hold for the next life,” as a Washington Post writer
put it.

Most people long for truth
and goodness. Yet that desire can be frustrated by what they see in some Christians,
whom they perceive as self-righteous and judgmental. To unbelievers, such
“virtue” is far less interesting than vice, with the result that they cling to
their vices even though they may hate them. Joy Davidman, the wife of C. S.
Lewis, said, “One sanctimonious hypocrite makes a hundred unbelievers.”

Would that the world saw
the real thing—that extraordinary quality of life of which Peter speaks—a life
so winsome and attractive it will draw others to the Savior (1 Peter 2:12). “If
only 10% of the world’s population had [holiness],” C. S. Lewis mused, “would
not the whole world be converted and happy before year’s end?”

We can have it! As we yield
our lives to God’s Spirit within, we can live lives of uncommon beauty before a
watching world. Israel’s poet assures us, “The Lord . . . will beautify the
humble” (Ps. 149:4).   —David H.

Beautiful faces are those
that seem
With the very love of God to beam;
Beautiful forms are those that grace
With gentle service the lowliest place.  —Anon.

Live so that others will
want to know Jesus.

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