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Lord, I’m Excited!

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Open my eyes, that I may
see wondrous things from Your law. —Psalm 119:18

People use Our Daily
in many different ways. Small groups have informed me that they meet
before work to read the online devotional on their laptops. Families read it
together at a meal. Others reach for it on a break or during a quiet moment of
the day.

A letter from one reader
inspired me with her approach each morning: “As I open Our Daily Bread, I tell
God that I am excited about what His Word is going to teach me. Then I read the
Scripture (if it’s short, I include all the surrounding context), and I
meditate [on it] and write what it is saying to me before I read what God gave
the writer . . . . Since I am indexing my journal, both Scripture and topics,
as I go along, I can refer back to pertinent topics at any time. I love it.”

What impressed me is her
enthusiasm for the Word and the anticipation of what the Lord has for her in
the Bible. She echoes the psalmist’s prayer, “Open my eyes, that I may see
wondrous things from Your law” (Ps. 119:18).

A writer’s thoughts are no
substitute for the powerful Word of God. It’s the only place to find spiritual
nourishment and strength for each day. And that’s exciting! David C.

Give me, O Lord, a strong desire
To look within Your Word each day;
Help me to hide it in my heart,
Lest from its truth my feet would stray.  —Branon

The Bible is the Bread of
Life, and it never becomes stale.

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