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25 Years With Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Others

Press Release

06.02.08, 12:09 PM ET

Ben Brown to Release a Statement for the Records:
25 Years With Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Others, Next Month

LAS VEGAS, June 2 /PRNewswire/ — Ben Brown announced today that he plans
to release a deluxe DVD package including a forty page booklet concerning his
25 years of involvement with Michael Jackson, the Jacksons, the "Godfather of
Soul" James Brown, and others. The package will be made available to the
public next month 2008 and accessible around the world online. Ben’s statement
includes significant music history of the entertainment careers of the iconic
individuals involved. This statement stands as a direct answer to questions
posed by music lovers all over the world interested in Michael Jackson and
James Brown.

Some of the DVD titles include: The Godfather of Soul Speaks in His Own
Words; informal discussions between James Brown and Ben Brown, How to be
Successful after You Get the Deal (inspired by personal observations made by
Ben Brown concerning talented artist sustaining their careers after they got
off the ground), and How to Get Rich and Stay Rich.

Along with the DVDs the package includes details around Ben Brown’s career
in the music entertainment business. Among which Ben Brown reveals his
personal involvement as the man that discovered Michael Jackson, spearheaded
the James Brown comeback, and more. As a recognized Michael Jackson biography
Ben Brown’s statement release has been anticipated for sometime by Michael
Jackson enthusiasts and James Brown fans. As Ben Brown’s statement hits the
public not just Michael and James Brown fans wait in anticipation by music
fans all over the world have something to look forward to as Ben Brown sheds
some light on the careers of some of the biggest icons in the business.

SOURCE: Ben Brown

About Ben Brown:
Thursday, November 8th 2007

Ben Brown, who was himself once a musician, became president of a
small record company in Indiana called ‘Steeltown Records’, who helped
Michael and his brothers to release their very first record in the late
1960’s. He also helped with James Brown’s comeback in the mid 1980’s.

Later in the mid 1990’s, Brown rejoined the Jackson Family as
President of the Jackson’s record company and he was there until 2004
when he went into seclusion.

After receiving encouragement from his son Dwayne, Brown decided to
write a film script and a book telling his story. He has also written a
song with James Brown in mind.

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