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‘King of Pop’ – MJ50 Editions

August 26, 2008 – Fans asked to participate in "King of Pop" album

In honor of Michael Jackson‘s 50th birthday, fans are being asked to
vote for their most favorite songs from the "King Of Pop". The songs
with the most votes are being released as limited edition "best of"
album titled "KING OF POP" starting this week. Countries that are the
first to release this special project are Australia, Austria, Belgium,
Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines and the
UK. Fan participation has been phenomenal: in the UK the voting process
involved live television on GMTV and in Germany the media partner BILD
received more than 125.000 votes in the first week of voting alone!

Next to the above countries which release the "KING OF POP" in the next
2 weeks, Michael Jackson fans in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Finland,
France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand &
Turkey can also actively vote for their favorite Michael Jackson songs
soon and will be able to get a local version of their "KING OF POP" in
the next few weeks. Once again has Michael Jackson be a pioneer in
letting his fans be part of this process, celebrating the biggest
musical genius on this 50th birthday!


Sony BMG has partnered
with several publishers to create a fan-voted album ‘King of Pop’, in
celebration of Michael’s 50th birthday:

is only one Michael Jackson.  There is only
one King of Pop.

Michael Jackson fans will be given the chance to become part of music history,
as Sony BMG Music releases a brand new ‘hits’ album from the superstar performer
entitled, ‘King of Pop’, for which tracks on the album will be chosen exclusively by his fans.

‘King of Pop’ will honor Michael Jackson’s 50th birthday on the 29th August.


will be an exciting opportunity for fans everywhere to choose their favorites
from a list of Michael’s most popular hits, and in some cases a few rare
releases as well.

Fans can choose from a classic line up of tracks, produced by world-class
producers, that will showcase Michael’s amazing musical diversity over the
years.  ‘King of Pop’ will be the first
fan driven selection of its kind and what better way to celebrate Michael
Jackson’s 50th milestone, than for his fans to decide which tracks represent
him at his absolute best and show that he is still undeniably THE King of Pop.

Sony BMG territories around the world will operate a similar fan voting
systems, potentially creating different versions of ‘King of Pop’.

For a chance to win an exclusive Michael Jackson iPod, a trip to Las Vegas,
& more,
as well as VOTE for your favorite
songs to go on the ‘King of Pop’ album, visit these websites for the countries selected to participate…

so far: 


Enter and VOTE  >>>  Australia  Austria  Brazil  Germany Greece Holland  Hong Kong  Hungary
 Japan  New Zealand  Philippines


Sony BMG


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