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“Hold My Hand” will definitely be on Akon’s “Acquitted”


Update: 05 November 2008
Akon and Michael Jackson’s rumoured collaboration will not be appearing as a track on Akon’s new album.

told Take 40 exclusively that despite reports the track ‘Hold My Hand’
would feature on his album, it has now been canned from the final cut.

track ‘Hold My Hand’ was leaked on the internet and it spoiled a lot of
things we had planned for the record," Akon said. "Collectively we felt
that, with a collaboration like that, and his (Michael Jackson’s) first
time coming back after a long time, it needed to be done properly. We
decided we need to invest in the future and figure out another way to
come, even if we have to come with a new record."

Take 40

Akon Says He Can Retire Now That He’s Worked With Michael Jackson — But He Won’t

‘I got to Mike 10 years earlier than I expected,’ says AKon

By Shaheem Reid

"That was a dream come true," AKon said Tuesday. "You know how you come
into a career and set your goals as to where you wanna start and where
you wanna end? I had a wish list of all the collaborations I ever
wanted to do. Mike was at the top. I was saying, ‘Well, if ever I get
to Mike, then that’ll be the sign I can retire.’ But I got to Mike 10
years earlier than I expected. So I decided not to make retirement
goals anymore.

"I think at the end of the day, it was one of those situations that
caught me off guard," he added. "I didn’t realize I was working so hard
to actually capture his attention. That really showed me. That’s the
day I realized I made it."

The song MJ and Akon put together is called "Hold My Hand" and
it’s one of the first records we’ve heard Mike on in years. The two go
back and forth on the verses.

"It’s a worldwide smash. It’s gonna be huge," Akon promised.
"The concept is to bring all the people together as one person linking
as one world. At the state of where the world is now, with all these
wars and conflict all over the place, I think a record like that is
needed. That’s the best time when a voice needs to be heard. I felt
like, ‘What better voice between me and Mike to be able to say
something like that at the time we in?’ Outside of trying to do a club
record or a record we expect to get thousand of [spins], it was more
so, ‘Let’s do a record that fits all formats but also has some meaning
to it.’ But, of course, for the future, we’ll be finishing up the rest
of the record."

Akon also said Jackson would be appearing in the video for "Hold My Hand," which is the lead cut from AKon’s next LP, Acquitted.  "He’s fully committed," Akon said about MJ being in the video.  "We’re gonna set up a whole tour around it.  It’s a big play."

Acquitted comes out in October. He says he’s about two
songs away from recording and is in the process of whittling down his
collaborations. The record with Michael Jackson will definitely be
included in the set, though.

"Mike is on the album," AKon laughed. "He’s already got the prime slot." 


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