Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

The Week That Was

Birthday MJJRealRealm!!!

August 10th thru 16th

1985: Michael Jackson outbid Paul McCartney for the
           ATV music publishing catalog, which included
           many Beatles songs. 

           Jackson paid
$47.5 million dollars.

2005: This blogspace was created in homage to the one and only King of Pop

I did not expect to now, still be writing  on this blog 3 years ago…actually, I didn’t have any expectations.  I was simply venting  my feelings in an online  journal at the time.  But here I am, still posting, thankfully, happier thoughts and good news about my all time favorite artist, looking forward to his 50th birthday celebrations and the continuing covers/honors for the 25th Anniversary of "Thriller" this year.

Along with that, a new era begins; a new album is in the works, a possible TOUR and/or Jackson 5 reunion, AND the 50th Anniversary of Motown!  For Music and Me, it doesn’t better than that! 

So, I won’t be at all surprised to find myself at this point again next year, still writing and posting all kinds of great news about The Man, the artist, the music and all the greatness that comes along with who he is…

Ain’t no tellin’ what he’s been up to (it’s Top Secret), but he never fails to thrill and inspire me…

Thank God for Michael Jackson.

– Monica  8/8/2008

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