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VIDEO: Motown High School Band to represent U.S. and play Michael Jackson in China


After year of fund-raising, King High band Beijing-bound today

If the 80 Detroit teens leaving today to perform during the Olympics in China are feeling the pressure to positively represent the United
States and their embattled city, they’re not letting on.

We’ll do fine," Rio Cain, 17, a senior and trombone player in the King
High School band, said after one of the grueling 5-hour practices in
the weeks leading up to the trip. "We’re doing Michael Jackson. They love Michael Jackson."

The confidence belies the hard work that went into more than a year’s
worth of preparations — starting with the raising of more than
$470,000 to get the students and 20 chaperones to China for
performances in Beijing, at the Great Wall and at a high school in the
city of Shijiazhuang.

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The Detroit Free Press

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