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The Blacklist: 100 Greatest Power Moves


Beginning Sunday, Nov. 9, TV One will premiere an original, five-hour special chronicling the unforgettable
moments, cultural movements and personal achievement that have advanced the
black race and helped change the course of American history over the past
century in The Blacklist: 100 Greatest Power Moves.

Arsenio Hall, the
groundbreaking television host who literally changed the face of late-night
television, will host the special, which will air over five consecutive
nights, covering 20 Power Moves each night, culminating with the top 20 — and
the #1 moment — on Thursday, November 13.

The Blacklist will encompass Power Moves from a wide cultural and historic
perspective, from unwavering civil rights leaders to Nobel Prize-winning
literary giants to independent-thinking film directors to a pop star who
"Beat It." The special will highlight African-American pioneers and awe-inspiring
moments such as: the 1968 Olympic Medalists proudly raising their fists in the
air in support of Black Power; Thurgood Marshall’s induction into the Supreme
Court; the birth of Motown records; Bill Cosby becoming the knowledgeable,
advice-giving father figure for the American television audience; Michael Jackson‘s "Thriller" becoming one of the top selling albums of all time; the
emergence of Rap music as a voice of the inner city; Malcolm X’s stance of
self-preservation "By Any Means Necessary"; the steadfast determination of the
Little Rock Nine as they helped to desegregate the school system; and, of
course, Barack Obama‘s historic bid for the Presidency.

With a unique blend of reverence, "tell it like it is" attitude and a
little bit of humor, this highly entertaining series promises to give a
historical perspective, as well as an inspirational walk through of the best
and most celebrated moments of the African-American experience.
The Power Moves will be presented with a fast-paced display of memorable
imagery, the most-up-to-date graphic technology and soulful music,
transporting the viewer to times and places that should never be forgotten…

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