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Video: “Man in the Mirror” Remix

International, Sri Lankan Rapper – DeLon

Remixing Michael Jackson‘s, "Man in the Mirror", DeLon provides another
educational video through the hip-hop medium as he raps about his
message and mission of peace and unity throughout his country of Sri
Lanka and around the globe.

He is asking governments and civilians around the globe to open their
eyes to the injustices that are happening all around us.  DeLon
continues, "We are in a period of war.  We are in a period of change.  We
as human beings are facing our own self-demise through our ignorance
and unwillingness to find peace and global unity."

(Warning: video contains some strong language)


Ceylon Records and DeLon are compiling a peace CD with the biggest
names in Sri Lankan music and having all proceeds go to a charity fund
that supports child soldier refugees from a terrorist group in
Sri Lanka.

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