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EBONY Endorses Barack Obama For President

This could be the most
crucial presidential election in our lifetime, and even though EBONY
magazine has not formally endorsed a candidate in its 64 years, we are
taking this opportunity to wholeheartedly and unequivocally endorse
Sen. Barack Obama as the next president of the United States.

Obama announced his campaign for the presidency nearly two years ago,
EBONY and Jet magazines and have covered the importance of
his campaign to Black America and chronicled the impact it has had on
the country and around the world. But even with that kind of consistent
coverage, I wanted to take it a step further and emphasize why we need
Barack Obama as our next president.

Obama’s election, I believe,
is crucial if we are to move this country forward and regain America’s
worldwide respect. The moment is now.

If you are concerned about the restoration of the American Dream, you need to vote for Barack Obama.

you are worried about the overall economy, accelerating gas prices,
home foreclosures and rising food costs, you need to vote for Barack

If you are concerned about an education for your children,
concerned about the future of America, then you need to vote for Barack

If you believe every American has the right to affordable health care, then you need to vote for Barack Obama.

you believe that the Iraq War is unjust, is economically crippling this
country and impacting our respect globally, then you need to vote for
Barack Obama.

During this campaign, Barack Obama’s brilliant and
innovative views on the issues have been more in line with the thinking
of Black America. His message of change and his “audacity of hope” have
energized the entire country in ways never seen before, resonating
across the land, convincing our nation that each of us should believe
in the possibility of a new kind of politics.

Aside from the
tangible, concrete changes that could come from an Obama presidency,
his victory will prove that possibilities are unlimited for those who
dare to dream. With his election, we can, without hesitationor apology,
tell our children that anything is possible.

Even becoming president.

this critical moment in history, Black America––and much of the
nation––are on the verge of realizing a longawaited dream, a Black man
in the White House.

But if this dream is to come true, no one
should take this moment for granted. Each of us must get to the polls
and vote. Then, we must encourage everyone we know to vote. This is no
time to sit on the sidelines and watch the parade pass you by. We can’t
afford to lose one, single potential vote in this election.

The stakes are just too high.

In our final chance before the election to focus on the elections, even this month’s cover subjects––Queen

Latifah, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson––are not unlike the millions who are consumed by this moment in history.

again, I say it is your right to vote, it is your duty to vote and it
is, I believe, in your best interest—and in America’s best interests—to
vote for Barack Obama.

Linda Johnson Rice
Chairman and CEO, Johnson Publishing Company, Inc.


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