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Sony/ATV Writer Taylor Swift: 19, poised to be pop superstar

2008: The Year in Review / Taylor Swift: 19, poised to be pop superstar

November: Taylor Swift’s "Teardrops on My Guitar" song of the year and Sony ATV Tree as publisher of the year.

‘Straight from her heart’

While the songs reflect the thoughts of a teenager, they are
written with a sophistication that songwriters years older have yet to
master. What could seem like youthful musings become, via Swift’s pen,
complex stories that are also relatable to adults decades older. It’s
one reason why
publishing company Sony ATV made her the youngest songwriter they had ever signed.

It’s also why Swift, at 15, walked away from a development deal with
RCA Records because the company wasn’t interested in her recording her
own songs. "You don’t just walk away from a big record label like that
when you’re an unsigned artist," Swift says. "But I had a gut feeling
about it, and some of the best decisions I’ve made in my career have
been based on solely gut feelings and my instinct."

So RCA lost out, BIG TIME.

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Sony/ATV Music Publishing is a worldwide music publishing joint venture between Sony and Michael Jackson.

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