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With A Child’s Heart

Faith Of A Child

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  READ: Matthew 18:1-5

Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. —Matthew 18:3

One Sunday I heard Mike talk about his
relationship with his two fathers—the one who raised him as a child,
and his Father in heaven.

First he described his childhood trust
toward his earthly father as “simple and uncomplicated.” He expected
his dad to fix broken things and to give advice. He dreaded displeasing
him, however, because he often forgot that his father’s love and
forgiveness always followed.

Mike continued, “Some years ago I
made a mess of things and hurt a lot of people. Because of my guilt, I
ended a happy, simple relationship with my heavenly Father. I forgot
that I could ask Him to fix what I had broken and seek His advice.”

passed. Eventually Mike became desperate for God, yet he wondered what
to do. His pastor said simply, “Say you’re sorry to God, and mean it!”

Instead, Mike asked complicated questions, like: “How does this work?” and “What if . . .?”

Finally his pastor prayed, “Please, God, give Mike the faith of a child!” Mike later testified joyfully, “The Lord did!”

found closeness with his heavenly Father. The key for him and for us is
to practice the simple and uncomplicated faith of a child.  — Joanie Yoder

Have you noticed that the childlike faith
Of a little girl or boy
Has so often shown to older folks
How to know salvation’s joy? —Branon

Faith shines brightest in a childlike heart.

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