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American Idol Does Michael Jackson

Will He Reciprocate?

Download all 13 of the Michael Jackson Idol Covers performed from iTunes


When American Idol‘s newly minted Top 13 take the stage on Tuesday, they’ll be performing songs by the ultimate American idol.

The thrilling 13 will get to take on Michael Jackson‘s songbook, E! News confirms. Of course, this isn’t the King of Pop‘s first reference on the reality juggernaut. Most Idol fans will remember David Cook‘s stripped-down rendition of "Billie Jean."

Finalist Matt Giraud teased us about next week’s theme last night at the AI party at Area nightclub in Los Angeles. "I think that Michael Jackson theme
night is coming up, so I’m excited about that," he said. "I love the Jackson 5 stuff too, but I’m not sure what song to sing yet."

As far as the Gloved One – who announced on Thursday that he’ll do his last 10 concert in London in July – making an appearance on the show, AI reps claim it’s a no-go. However, with Jackson, you never really know.


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“American Idol” Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson

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