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Casting Shadows

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READ: 1 Corinthians 1:18-31
  No flesh should glory in His presence. —1 Corinthians 1:29

Legend has it that Michelangelo painted with a brush in one hand and
a candle in the other to prevent his shadow from covering his
masterpiece in progress.

That’s the kind of attitude we should
adopt if we are serious about wanting to display the masterpiece of
God’s glory on the canvas of our lives. Unfortunately, we tend to live
in a way that draws attention to ourselves—our cars, our clothes, our
careers, our position, our cleverness, our success. And when life is
all about us, it’s hard for people to see Jesus in us. Jesus saved us
to be reflections of His glory (Rom. 8:29), but when we live for
ourselves, our shadow gets cast on the canvas of His presence in us.

the believers in Corinth were feeling too full of themselves, Paul
warned them “that no flesh should glory [boast] in His presence” (1
Cor. 1:29), and reminded them of what Jeremiah said, “He who glories,
let him glory in the Lord” (v.31; Jer. 9:24).

Think of your life
as a canvas on which a picture is being painted. What would you rather
have people see: the masterpiece of the presence of Jesus or the shadow
of your own profile? Don’t get in the way of a great painting in
progress. Live to let others see Jesus in you.  — Joe Stowell

My life is a painting created by God,
And as such I’ve nothing to boast;
Reflecting the image of Christ to the world
Is what I desire the most. —Sper

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