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I’m Innocent!

ODB RADIO: Listen Now | 
  READ: James 1:19-25
  Be doers of the Word. —James 1:22

All of the students at a school in
Florida—2,550 in total—were in trouble. A message system notified every
parent that their child (or children) had detention that weekend for
bad behavior. Many kids pleaded their innocence, yet some parents meted
out punishment anyway. One mother, Amy, admitted that she yelled at her
son and made sure he showed up for his detention on Saturday.

the relief of 2,534 kids, and to the embarrassment of some parents,
they discovered that the automated message was sent in error to the
entire student body when only 16 kids actually deserved detention! Amy
felt so bad about not listening to and believing her son that she took
him out for breakfast that Saturday morning.

We all have stories
to tell about circumstances that have shown us our need to listen
before we speak. We’re naturally tempted to come to quick judgments and
react angrily. The book of James gives us these three practical
exhortations to deal with life’s stressful situations: “Be swift to
hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath” (James 1:19).

In life’s
stresses, let’s be “doers of the Word” (v.22), and take the time to
listen and show restraint with our words and anger today.  — Anne Cetas

A judgment made without the facts
Is sure to be unfair,
So always listen to both sides—
You’ll find the answer there. —Branon

Listen to understand, then speak with love.

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