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Lament For A Friend

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READ: 2 Samuel 1:11,17-27

I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; you have been very pleasant to me. —2 Samuel 1:26

As a pastor, I was often asked to lead
funeral services. Typically, the funeral director would give me a 3 x 5
index card with all the particulars about the deceased so I would be
informed about him or her. I never got used to that, however. As
practical and necessary as it may have been, it seemed a bit trite to
take a person’s earthly sojourn and reduce it to an index card. Life is
too big for that.

After David received news of Jonathan’s death,
he spent time recalling the life of his friend—even writing a lament
that others could sing as a way to respect Jonathan (2 Sam. 1:17-27).
David recalled his friend’s courage and skill, and he spoke of the
grief that caused him to lament deeply. He honored a rich, pleasant,
heroic life. For David, it was an intense time of mourning and

When we grieve for a loved one, it is vital to
recall the cherished details and shared experiences of our lives
together. Those memories flood our hearts with far more thoughts than
an index card can hold. The day that grief visits our hearts is not a
time for short summaries and quick snapshots of our loved one’s life.
It is a time to remember deeply, giving God thanks for the details, the
stories, and the impact of an entire life. It’s time to pause, reflect,
and honor.
  — Bill Crowder

At journey’s end, take a long look back
At the details of the story;
Take time to review the godly life
Of your loved one now in Glory. —Branon

Precious memories of life can temper the profound sadness of death.

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