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Prelude Of Praise

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READ: Psalm 150

I will sing praise to Your name forever, that I may daily perform my vows. —Psalm 61:8

We enter a concert hall, find our seats,
and listen with anticipation as the members of the orchestra tune their
instruments. The sound is discordant, not melodic. But the tuning is
simply a prelude to the symphony.

C. S. Lewis suggested that’s
how it is with our devotional practices and even our worship services.
Sometimes they sound discordant, but God hears our prayers and praises
with fatherly delight. We are really preparing for participation in the
glorious symphony of heaven. Now we are making a minuscule contribution
to the harmonies of angelic and redeemed hosts. But our adoration,
though feeble, pleases the heart of the Divine Listener more than the
finest rendition of earth’s greatest orchestra.

Are we eagerly
awaiting our participation in heaven’s symphony of praise? Are we
joyfully participating in the adoration that delights the heart of God?
Or do we regard devotion as more of a discipline than a delight?

attitudes will be transformed when we realize that praise delights
God’s heart. Praise helps us to tune our lives to heavenly harmonies.

is an indispensable preparation for the worship that will be our
eternal joy. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (Ps.
150:6).  — Vernon C. Grounds

Joyfully, heartily resounding,
Let every instrument and voice
Peal out the praise of grace abounding,
Calling the whole world to rejoice. —Routley

The heart filled with praise brings pleasure to God.

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