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New Michael Jackson single debuts online

Jackson‘s "This is It" — a previously unheard recording —

hit the Web
overnight causing a stir among his zealous fans.

An album by the same name will be released Oct. 26.


The song is one of the top searches on Google today.

Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’: The Past, The Present, A Perfect MJ Tune

Song showcases MJ’s often-overlooked talent as a singer.

By James Montgomery

I only say this because to the casual music fan, it might not be
apparent. Whether it was because so much about him — his dance moves,
his style, his swagger — was so dynamic, or because he rarely spoke
above a whisper, or even because he frequently peppered his verses with
vocal ticks (like those oft-imitated "Hee-hee’s"), Jackson remains one
of the most underrated vocal artists in music history.

And that’s a shame, because his voice was a wondrous thing,
capable of reaching both towering heights (the final verse of "Rock
With You") and depths ("Childhood"). It was technical, but it was also
decidedly human, too, full of pump-priming rage ("Man in the
Mirror") one minute, tethered tenderness the next ("She’s Out of My
Life"). It was a finely tuned instrument that, when unfurled, revealed
all the pain and frustration and joy of Jackson’s life … a window
inside the man’s soul. It could stop you in your tracks and raise the
hair on the back of your neck. It was something to behold.

But don’t take my word for it. Just listen to "This Is It," the title track to Jackson’s posthumous concert-film/double album
that premiered at midnight on Monday (October 12). Because if anything,
it’s reinforcement of my original point: Jackson was a powerhouse

The origins of the song may remain cloudy — it was reportedly written in 1980, in the fertile period between Jackson’s Off the Wall & Thriller albums, and recorded in the mid-to-late ’80s, in between the Bad and Dangerous
albums — but really, none of that really matters: "This Is It" is a
prime showcase for Jackson’s prodigious pipes, which means that the
best way to experience it — indeed, the best way to pay tribute to the
man and his music — is to turn the volume up, sit back, and just listen.

Ignore the trilling strings, and the soft-jazz/light-funk backing track (which sort of make the song sound like Off the Wall’s
"I Can’t Help It.") Block out the hype surrounding the song’s release
and the drama surrounding Jackson’s death. Focus on those vocals — the
way Jackson counts it in with a boyish "one, two, three, four," the way
he glides from verse to verse with breathless, effortless phrasing, the
lean-yet-heavy falsetto, the hint of gravel (and gravitas) is the
verses, the soaring choruses — it’s all there, untarnished by time or
tabloids. And it’s all wonderful.

In a lot of ways, "This Is It" might be the perfect Michael Jackson tune. And by that I mean, while it’s by no means his best,
or his most memorable, it might be his most representative. It’s a
mixture of his yearning early years and his messianic later period, and
it shines a light on the best aspects of both: His voice.

Because, just in case you weren’t aware, Michael Jackson was a hell of a singer.



LONDON — Michael Jackson returned to the airwaves Monday with a new
song — the first from an upcoming musical documentary featuring the superstar.

It is the first new material by Jackson to be released since his sudden death in Los Angeles on June 25.

sounded confident and almost playful on "This is It," which features
his trademark breathy vocal style, perfected over the years since he
was a child sensation with the Jackson Five.

He is backed by lush vocals from his brothers, The Jacksons, giving the recording a nostalgic, familiar feel.

is a mid-tempo number with orchestral backing that is played during the
closing sequences of the documentary, which opens Oct. 28 for a limited
two-week run. It features rehearsal footage shot shortly before
Jackson’s death.

"This is it," goes one verse on the new song. "Here I stand. The light of the world. I feel grand."

The song is available on Jackson’s official Web site and will also be sent to radio outlets.

will also be part of the two-disc CD set that will accompany the movie.

documentary, also called "This is It," features footage of Jackson
rehearsing for his planned London concerts, which were to mark his
return to the stage after a lengthy absence.

This Is It Lyrics

This is it, here I stand
I’m the light of the world, I feel grand

Got this love I can feel
And I know yes for sure it is real

And it feels as though I’ve seen your face a thousand times
And you said you really know me too yourself
And I know that you have got addicted with your eyes
But you say you gonna live it for yourself.

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
C’mon baby, just understand

This is it, I can say,
I’m the light of the world, run away
We can feel, this is real
Every time I’m in love that I feel

And I feel as though I’ve known you since 1,000 years
And you tell me that you’ve seen my face before.
And you said to me you don’t want me hanging round
Many times, wanna do it here before

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
C’mon baby, just understand

This is it, I can feel
I’m the light of the world, this is real
Feel my song, we can say
And I tell you I feel that way

And I feel as though I’ve known you for a thousand years
And you said you want some of this yourself
And you said won’t you go with me, on a while
And I know that it’s really cool myself

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
C’mon baby, just understand

I never heard a single word about you
Falling in love wasn’t my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
C’mon baby, just understand

Song Information
The song, written in 1980, bears a strong resemblance a song by
Sa-Fire, known as “I Never Heard,” which was written by Jackson and
Paul Anka in 1991.  It was released worldwide at midnight on

Released October 12, 2009
Recorded Unknown
Genre Pop, soul
Length TBA
Label Epic

Music Lovers Group

Believers Are Salt and Light

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how
shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out
and trampled underfoot by men.
You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.

Matthew 5:13-15 # 3. Bestseller – 14 days in the top 100

This Is It

~ Michael Jackson

Release Date: October 27, 2009
Available for Pre-order

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His Music Will Live Forever.

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