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R. Kelly On Tour – Tribute to Michael Jackson

R. Kelly pays tribute to the late Michael Jackson
by writing a song in his memory.


Don’t say goodbye to me

There is no need to

Don’t say goodbye to me

Because I’m still with you

Don’t say goodbye to me

Don’t shed a tear

Because I’m…still…here

Go light a candle

And say a prayer

Scream out ‘Victory’

Because love is still there

Smile at the memories, yeah

All through the years

Because I’m still here

Take all I’ve given you

Keep it inside

And when you feel lonely

I’m right by your side

And when the storm comes, yeah

Have no fear

Because I’m still here

So walk with your head up

And be strong

Just remember that you’re not alone

I’m smiling down on you, my dear

Remember, Daddy’s…still…here

~ R. Kelly

Kelly was extremely humbled when he saw Jackson dancing to "Ignition" and felt compelled to put the footage in his show.

"I cried the first time I saw him on YouTube and I couldn’t
believe he was in the backseat of the car. He was jamming [to my
song]," he said. "You can tell he was into it. He was feeling it. It
was like, ‘Wow, he’s doing my music. He’s singing to my music.’ It was
unbelievable. I knew I made it when I saw that. You can sing songs
forever. I’ve written a lot of songs and they went around the world.
I’ve won all types of awards, but let me tell y’all something —
nothing, nothing told me, I didn’t know I made it until I saw Michael
Jackson in the back of that car performing and dancing to my song
‘Ignition.’ That’s when it became official. I’ve been in the game 20
years, but that’s when it became official to me that Kells is here
baby, for real."

"I do dedicate a segment of the show to Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson is one of the biggest reasons R. Kelly is in the game
right now. It’s amazing," he explained. In the tribute he says his death, "is like our musical breath, being taken away".

Kelly sped up his wardrobe change so that he could watch the video every night from backstage.

"It made me feel like he was still alive," Kelly smiled. "It
made me feel like I still have the chance to go to the level that
Michael took it to. It brings me back to what real music is and how it
touches and pierces the soul. That’s what my mission is to do to."


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