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Jackson’s “This Is It” passes $200 million worldwide

Michael Jackson’s
concert movie "This Is It" has taken more than $200 million at box
offices worldwide in the first two weeks of release, the studio behind
the movie said on Thursday.

Sony Pictures Entertainment said the movie had grossed $61 million
in North America and more than $140 million internationally. Japan
($27.2 million) and the UK ($14.3 million) were particularly strong

The movie is now the 22nd biggest grossing movie worldwide of 2009, according to industry tracker

"This Is It", distributed by Sony Corp-owned Columbia Pictures, was
compiled from footage of Jackson rehearsing for a series of planned
comeback concerts before his sudden death in June.

Sony paid concert promoters AEG and Jackson’s estate about $60 million for the right to make and distribute the movie.

The $200 million plus gross is almost three times more than 2008’s
"Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour" — a
movie some box office watchers had used as a benchmark for "This Is It."

The Jackson film opened on October 28 for a planned two week run but has since been extended until early December.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant; Editing by bob Tourtellotte)


If the announcement to extend it thru the Thanksgiving weekend had not
been made so early on, it just may have made it to Sony’s $250 mil
prediction within the 2 weeks. After the extension, I’m sure some
people decided to wait ’til then.  
To make it to $200 mil within the 2weeks in spite of that is really great.


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