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Chandler Suicide Highlights Media Bias Against Michael Jackson

by Charles Thomson

it emerged yesterday that two weeks go Evan Chandler, father of Jordan
Chandler, shot himself in the head, few tears were shed despite the
media’s best efforts to eulogise him.

Most media outlets are
touting Chandler as ‘the father of the boy who accused Jackson of child
molestation’. Wrong. Chandler was the father who accused Jackson of
molesting his son.

The initial allegations against Jackson were
made not by Jordan Chandler but by his father Evan, in spite of
Jordan’s insistence that Jackson never touched him inappropriately, a
stance that the boy maintained for several months.

between the boy’s father and Jackson had soured in early 1993 when Evan
asked the popstar to build him a house and Jackson politely declined. A
failed screenwriter, Chandler contacted Jackson shortly afterwards and
asked him to negotiate three scriptwriting deals on his behalf. If
Jackson did not comply, he said, he would accuse him of molesting his
son. Jackson didn’t comply – and the rest is history.

revealed by Mary Fischer in her 1994 GQ article ‘Was Michael Jackson
Framed?’ – Jordan Chandler only claimed to have been molested by
Jackson after Evan – a dentist by trade – plied him with a mind-bending
drug called sodium amytal, which is known to induce false memory

Even once Jordan Chandler began to toe his father’s
line, his testimony was so unconvincing that DA Tom Sneddon took his
case to three separate grand juries and none of them allowed him to
bring charges against Michael Jackson. Contrary to widely reported
myth, Jordan Chandler did not accurately describe Jackson’s genitals.
Among other inaccuracies, he claimed that Jackson was circumcised while
police photographs proved that he was not.

Unsurprisingly, none
of this information has made its way into the mainstream media’s
reportage of Evan Chandler’s death. Instead, Chandler’s suicide is seen
as another opportunity to sling mud at Michael Jackson and perpetuate
the same, tired old myths about the 1993 allegations – particularly
with regard to the settlement.

News outlets the world over are once more reporting that in 1994 Jackson paid the Chandlers a settlement. This is total fiction.

documents from the time state clearly that Jackson’s insurance carrier
"negotiated and paid the settlement over the protests of Mr Jackson and
his personal legal counsel."

Jackson didn’t even agree with the settlement, let alone pay it.

the publications that rehashed this age old nonsense was The Sun, to
which I often contribute as a Michael Jackson expert. I was contacted
yesterday and asked to provide information about Evan Chandler and the
1993 allegations, which I did. However, none of my information was used
– most likely because it reflected too well on Jackson. Myths that
imply Jackson’s guilt are evidently more important than truths which
exonerate him.

Noticing that The Sun’s article on Chandler’s
suicide contained several factual inaccuracies (most promintently that
Jordan initiated the claims of molestation and that Jackson paid the
family a settlement) I contacted two members of staff at the newspaper
– my usual contact and the journalist who wrote the article. Neither
email was replied and the article was not changed.

The Mirror ranked several places higher on the adbsurdity scale as it
attempted to portray Chandler as a martyr of some kind. ‘Michael
Jackson sex case dad Evan Chandler wanted justice but ended up
destroyed’, read the headline.


Evan Chandler had wanted justice, why did he contact Jackson and ask
for a three-movie script deal before he went to the police? If he
wanted justice, why did he accept a settlement from Jackson’s insurance

Indeed, the settlement included a clause which stated
that accepting the payment in lieu of a civil trial would not affect
the family’s ability to testify in a criminal case. So if Evan Chandler
wanted justice, why didn’t he allow the police to press ahead with
their investigation?

The headline, along with much of the article, is nonsense.

taken Jackson’s insurance carrier for just under $15million (not the
$20million usually alluded to by the press), in 1996 Evan Chandler
tried to sue Jackson for a further $60million after claiming that the
star’s album HIStory was a breach of the settlement’s confidentiality
clause. In addition to trying to sue Jackson, Chandler requested that
the court allow him to produce a rebuttal album called EVANstory.

Yes, really.

the man who The Mirror claims only ‘wanted justice’ thought that the
best course of action after the initial media storm died down would be
to release an album of music about the supposed abuse of his
pre-pubescent son.

The Mirror alluded to the fact that relations
between Jordan and his parents were strained after 1993, but laid the
blame at Jackson’s door, claiming that the trauma of the case had
driven them apart.

In actuality, Jordan Chandler went to court
when he was 16 and gained legal emancipation from both of his parents.
When called to appear at Jackson’s 2005 trial, he refused to testify
against his former friend. Had he taken the stand, Jackson’s legal team
had a number of witnesses who were prepared to testify that Jordan –
who now lives in Long Island under an assumed name – had told them in
recent years that he hated his parents for what they made him say in
1993, and that Michael Jackson had never touched him.

evidence surrounding the 1993 allegations overwhelmingly supports
Michael Jackson’s innocence. It is for this reason that during the
lengthy investigation, which continued for many months before Jackson’s
insurance carrier negotiated a settlement, Michael Jackson was never
arrested and he was never charged with any crime.

The evidence
overwhelmingly suggests that Evan Chandler masterminded the allegations
as a money making scheme, believing it would help him to achieve his
dream of working in Hollywood. Tape recorded telephone conversations
heard him dismiss the boy’s wellbeing as ‘irrelevant’ and claim that he
was out to take Jackson for all he was worth. (Click here for Mary
Fischer’s GQ article, which contains transcripts of the telephone

Mary Fischer’s evidence shows that as well as falsifying
the sexual abuse of his own son in an elaborate extortion plot, when
Jordan refused to play along Evan plied him with mind-altering drugs in
a bid to trick him into believing that he was molested.

But even
drugging a child as part of an extortion plot wasn’t Evan Chandler’s
lowest point. That came when he petitioned the court to allow him to
release an album of music about the supposed sexual abuse of his own

If Evan Chandler wanted justice, he got it two weeks ago.

for the media, this latest incident cements once more the industry’s
almost total unwillingness to report fairly or accurately on Michael
Jackson, particularly on the bogus allegations of sexual abuse that
were levelled against him. None of the aforementioned information and
evidence was included in any article about Chandler’s suicide that I
have read so far, despite the fact that I personally delivered it to at
least one newspaper which has repeatedly paid me as a Jackson expert on
other stories.

Exculpatory facts are overlooked in favour of
salacious myths. A black humanitarian is tarred as a paedophile and his
white extortionist is painted as a martyr.

As for Jordan
Chandler, maybe with his father gone he will find the courage to do the
honourable thing. Perhaps he will surface somewhere and tell the world
what he’s been telling his friends for over a decade now – that Michael
Jackson never laid a finger on him. Until then, I suspect he will live
with the same torment that it seems eventually claimed his father,
suspiciously soon after the demise of the biggest victim in all of
this; Michael Jackson.

Charles Thomson

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