Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

Heaven, Beyond Imagination!

Michael has got ALL of the joy, peace, love, and happiness that the world couldn’t give him now.
He’s in heaven!  Imagine his Smile and all of the fun he’s having on his new adventure, beyond time, in a higher dimension…

(The following are modified excerpts from Michael’s book, Dancing the Dream, 1992)

My head says yes, he’s gone.  But my heart says NO…

When you feel yourself getting  mad or sad, have your moment… and then say to yourself, that’s Enough For Today.

So what does a Star do after it quits shining?  Stars never die.  They just turn into smiles and melt back into the cosmic music…

He was born to never die
To share his love without a sigh
That was his dance, that was his high
To live in bliss, let him fly
Into the boundless, beyond the sky
For we all were born to never die

Immortality’s his game
From bliss he came
In bliss he is sustained
To bliss he returned
If you don’t know it now
It’s a shame
Are you listening?
There never will be a time
When I You We or he will cease to be
He is in Heaven
Heaven is here
He has reclaimed his bliss

The Creator and the creation have merged into one wholeness of joy, and now there’s only the eternal dance…

The dream
his dream
our dream
in us.

So in spite of the fact that I miss him somethin’ awful, I have to make a conscious choice everyday to be happy for him whenever I feel mad or sad for myself.  Because I trust and believe that he is finally at rest & has the sweet peace he rarely had in this life.  I rejoice for him, and make an effort to practice all of the life lessons he taught me through his art, as he so often pointed towards God.  I believe that’s what he would want and I encourage all of y’all to try to do the same.

Heaven, Beyond Imagination!

“Do you wish you would wake up tomorrow morning to discover that the person you loved most passionately loved you even more? Wake up hearing music you have always loved but had never heard with such infinite joy before? Rise to the new day as if you were just discovering the Pacific Ocean? Wake up without feeling guilty about anything at all? See to the very core of yourself, and like everything you see? Wake up breathing God as if He were air? Loving to love Him? And loving everybody else in the bargain?”

“I go to prepare a place for you,” Jesus told His disciples (John 14:2). We all share the desire—really a deep-down yearning—to be in that glorious home forever. It is a place of indescribable bliss.

The greatest pleasures of earth cannot be compared to the joys of heaven.


READ: Revelation

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