Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop


NO MORE handcuffs, no more courts
NO MORE lawyers or anyone of the sort
accusations, thieves, & devious cohorts
threatenin’ your freedom and livelihood for sport

Friend, or foe? greed & lust
NO MORE fake folk you can’t trust
NO MORE paps or pryin’ eyes
grinnin’ in your face & tellin’ lies

A new day is dawnin’ in many ways
it’s not in vain, the pain & price you had to pay
givin’ all you had, mind, body & soul
to a world that often treated you so cold

But soldier that you are, you fought the good fight
and taught the whole world while sharing the fight of your life
it was cruel and it sure as hell wasn’t right
yet you kept your head up and the pain far from sight

Your fight is over, and your race is through
demons & leeches no longer able to feed off of you

This year June 25th, you were truly set free
a Legend, you left a lasting legacy
Your strength helped us all, the lost & the found
through word, good deeds, and your unique sounds 

I learned so much from your faith and steadfast will 
Thank You Michael.  I love & miss you still
I always will

In spite of my broken heart and beyond my tears
I’m better & stronger because you were here.

Monica  @ MJJRealRealm  2009


I watch your body move
feel the song
coming from your bones
your body the brush
your feelings the paint
stroke a canvas of love
from music
only you can hear.
Maybe the voice
of God?
The tide comes
through you
as you can do nothing
but move aside
and allow the Force
to have its way
and deposit you
spent and empty
having given all
that you are
for us.I touch your fire,
dance of creation
and warm my hands
at your heart.
I stir the ashes
looking for the glow
that lingers
from embers left
when the flame
to brightly lit
flares out.

I want the heat
one last time
to remind me.
To remember
how bright the light
had to be
to shame the shadows,
fist the world,
dance the dream.

Your light still shines
but cooler now
a lunar landscape
now the dance floor
in the round.
Thank you Moonwalker
for all the shimmer.
The light you held
streaks the cosmos now,
beams you home–
a new single spotlight.
I will never again
see a shooting star
or the full moon
quite the same.

~for the fans

(c) ~ Barbara Kaufmann 2009 and beyond

Reprinted by permission from

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